Vending Machines

Vending machine suppliers Telford & Shropshire

Are you looking to provide convenient, healthy, and delicious snacking options for your team or clientele? Look no further. SoFood are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art vending machine service designed to meet the needs of your businesses busy lifestyle.

Our fully automated machines are easy to operate and accept multiple forms of payment, making snacking hassle-free. Plus, our dedicated service team ensures that machines are regularly refilled, cleaned, and maintained to the highest standards.

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Our vending service offers cutting edge technology with the best machines, and thanks to our access to wholesale supply, we are one of the most competitive operators in the sector. We offer a wide range of options to suit any budget, including leasing of new machines, rental of re-manufactured machines and sales.

We offer a complete service and are very proud of our team who are skilled in installation, maintenance, servicing and customer care.

Unsure of your needs? We can usually offer a free 3 month trial with our vending machines in order to assess your usage and find the right option for you, with no contract, no obligation and no pressure.

Fresh Vending

Our ‘flagship’ service and the reason we are so popular - we are one of the few companies in the whole of the UK able to offer fresh vending. We make fresh sandwiches, salads, pasta, deli rolls, and supply pies, baked goods, soups, and meals. Our prices are competitive and offer your workforce the chance to eat something fresh, healthy and handmade every day. We are proud to have a 5 star rating for food hygiene, backed up by laboratory testing for shelf life, and full due diligence systems in place. Quality, safety and service is our fresh vending mantra!

Conventional Vending

We offer the latest machines, contactless payment options, combi machines for vending snacks and drinks, company branding, servicing contracts, leasing options, and best of all; our ground-breaking 3 month no obligation free trial to assess sales data and site viability.

Call us on 01952 459945 or email to discuss your vending requirements today.